Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Sucks and the City

Two years ago, I saw the (first) Sex and the City movie, and wrote in these pages about how I thought the men who dissed it on principle were being silly.

Today I saw the new movie, Sex and the City 2. In terms of being completely horrible, it’s everything the first movie wasn’t. Badly written, stupidly acted, and inanely costumed, even by SatC standards, it has nothing going for it. It’s just about the worst movie I’ve seen in a couple of years.

The dialogue is stilted and dumb, and the writers took every opportunity to stick in every tired one-liner joke they could dig up. As Miranda is about to be driven off for a day of shopping in Abu Dhabi, she shouts out the car window, “Abu Dhabi doo!”


I’m saying this as a fan of the TV series, and as someone who enjoyed the first movie: if you haven’t already seen the new one, give it a miss. If you absolutely must see it, at least wait until you can rent it and watch it at home. It’s cheaper that way, and gives you the option of turning it off when you’ve had enough.

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Katie said...

Yes, no one I know wants to see it. So sad.