Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Seattle vs New York

Calder sculpture and the Seattle Space Needle, from a visit in 2007I flew out to Seattle yesterday, for the Collaboration, Electronic messaging, Anti-Abuse and Spam Conference, which has started this morning (Michael O’Reirdan, the chair of MAAWG, has this morning’s keynote talk).

As the plane approached Sea-Tac Airport, we did so from the north, passing Seattle on our right. A young boy at the window in the row in front of me, travelling with his grandparents, looked out his window and exclaimed, New York City!

No, said his grandmother, That’s another city. That’s Seattle.

The boy recognized that she must be right: This city doesn’t have as much... as tall buildings.

Indeed not. But that’s a feature, not a bug.

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scouter573 said...

We like it here, but don't tell anyone or it may get crowded.