Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Flight notes

I’m visiting the Huawei “mother ship” this week — not the corporate one in Shenzhen, but the U.S. one in Plano, Texas. Meeting my co-workers, getting some projects started, that sort of thing. It’ll be a cool week.

Well, a nifty week; it’s certainly hot here. Of course, it was hot in New York, too, when I left.

I flew out here yesterday, and, so, for today, just a couple of notes related to flying:

  1. It sure is flat out here, and it’s interesting to watch the landscape below from the air. Airplane tray table with advertisement It was a clear day, with just scattered, fluffy clouds, and I had a window seat (full flight; I usually take the aisle), so I could see the ground all the way.
  2. US Airways has put advertising on the tray tables. Icko. We really need advertising everywhere? This is a good reason to avoid that airline, in my opinion.
  3. That said, I suppose I could have been on JetBlue.

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