Sunday, September 05, 2010


Possessing inheritance

There’s a car in my neighbourhood with a sign in the rear window that’s got an old joke on it:

I’m spending
my kids inheritance

The joke’s pretty trite, well worn, dinosauric, and not terribly funny. It’s also missing a possessive before inheritance.

And it’s funny: the sign maker has proven that he/she/it can do apostrophes, with I’m. But then we’re left wondering whether the inheritance being squandered spent would otherwise be going to one kid (my kid’s inheritance), or to two or more (my kids’ inheritance).

This stuff matters, you know!


thom said...

With no apostrophe, I take it to mean that the person is selling or bartering the baby goats left to him or her as an inheritance.

HRH said...

You are absolutely correct. This stuff does matter. Since the owner of the car, is a neighborhood, you ought to contact her/him, find out, and let us know :-)