Friday, October 29, 2010


China bound

I get to experience the Great Firewall of China first hand: I’m on my way to three weeks in China — a week at my company’s headquarters in Shenzhen, a week at the IETF meeting in Beijing, and then a week of touring afterward (so I’ll get to experience the Great Wall of China as well).

I don’t know what kind of connectivity to the blog I’ll have while I’m gone, and I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to post to it anyway. We’re assured that IETF attendees will have access to an unfiltered Internet connection during the meeting. Still, it’ll be a busy, full week, as will the weeks before and after.

So don’t expect much, if anything, on these pages until 20 November, when I’m back in New York.


Brent said...

Safe trip!

HRH said...

China is an exciting place to visit, since you are a conditioned hiker, going up the stations on the great wall shouldn’t be a problem. I managed to go up to the 9th stations before loosing my breath. Check the link to the video clips, I send out a few weeks ago, there are footages from the great wall, to give you some ideas. The part I didn’t like about China was the Internet filtering. At the time (June-2010), I could not access Picasa to upload photos, your blog, gmail and a few other sites that I frequently visit (I’m not sure if the Google and them, are still adversaries or the tension has eased?). Perhaps, you might want to download something like ‘TorBrowser’ before the trip, to get around the filtering after the IETF meeting. Have a safe trip.

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic! ¡Buen viaje! :)

Dan Romascanu said...

Safe travel, Barry and see you in Beijing!