Saturday, October 16, 2010


Why do people carry a cell phone and a BlackBerry?

Back in the early days of BlackBerry devices, when they were basically enhanced pagers that could get your email, they didn’t function as phones. I used to carry a mobile phone and a BlackBerry, using the phone for voice calls and the BlackBerry for email.

But then they put a mobile phone — a good one — into the BlackBerry. My address book and calendar are synchronized with the BlackBerry, and it’s great to have everything on one device. I haven’t had a separate phone since then.

I can’t tell you, though, how often I see someone looking something up in his BlackBerry, and then pulling out his cell phone and calling someone on it. Why? What possible advantage is there to carrying both?


Thomas J. Brown said...

Personal phone and work BlackBerry?

HRH said...

Perhaps, they still own the older models of the Blackberry and the cell, similar to those days, when you carried them both?

Barry Leiba said...

Thomas might certainly be right; I suppose they might not want to make personal calls (or not be allowed to) on a BlackBerry from work.

HRH: No, these are modern BlackBerry devices that I'm seeing.

Call me Paul said...

Some companies monitor the cellphone usage of their employees quite carefully.