Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Making your airport friendly for laptop users

It seems that Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, at least in the H & K concourses, go out of their way to make sure there are no accessible power outlets near the seating. There’s a set of carels that have two duplex outlets each, along with a small shelf and an uncomfortable seat. But near the regular seating for the gates... rien.

People sit on the floor near the few outlets that an be found along the walls, but they fill up quickly. And sitting on the floor isn’t ideal, of course.

Contrast that with San Francisco, where I flew into, which has plenty of accessible outlets right around the seating areas.

While we’re at it, big kudos to the airports that provide free wireless Internet service. Neither ORD nor SFO do that.


thom said...

Actually, SFO has been providing free wi-fi since September 1, though only for 45 minutes at a time. (Apparently, though, you can then log in again to their system and get another 45 minutes, ad infinitum.) I used it this past Thursday when we flew to LAX out of SFO.

Barry Leiba said...

Yeah, I tried it, which is why I didn't count it. At least when I used it, it was so terribly slow as to be close to useless.