Saturday, January 01, 2011



No matter how you write the date, there are a lot of ones today. It's a binary sort of day.

Happy new year!

New Year 2011 photos


Ray said...

1111 ... let's see, that makes today the F-day. By which, of course, I mean the First day of the year.

Happy New Year to you, too!

Brent said...

and in 10 days we get 1-11-11!!!

HRH said...

And in 11 months and 10 days, we will have 11-11-11.

Happy new year,

scouter573 said...

Looks more like a unary day than a binary day. I'd think of 1-10-11 as the first binary day.

And a happy 2011 (it'll be a PRIME year)!!

Brent said...

You have a problem with 01/01/11? Looks binary to me :-)

HRH said...

Aside from binary, they also fall in Hexadecimal and Octal formats, it is a matter of personal choice. Here is a comma separate, list of these dates:

01-01-11, 01-10-11, 10-01-11, 10-10-11, 10-11-11, 11-01-11, 11-10-11, 11-11-11

(Where is CallMePaul, to express his animus toward my usage of comma? Perhaps ‘animus’ is a strong word, and ‘objection’ would more appropriate)