Monday, January 24, 2011


Five years

Today is the last day of the fifth year of these pages. As always, thanks, everyone, for reading and commenting over the years.

I started out with a goal of posting every day, and have mostly met that goal — I figure that out of 365 days, I post on at least 330 of them, and probably more. (On the other hand, I’ve just missed two days in a row, this past weekend.) Since 25 January, 2006, there have been 1826 days and 1909 entries in these pages (counting this one), averaging more than one a day... so, the days that got multiple posts outnumbered the ones where I missed.

I posted a lot more about politics in the earlier years, during the Bush administration, when I had more to be outraged about. That’s not to say that I’m thrilled with how things are going now — to be sure, there’s still plenty of political stuff to be discussed — but, somehow, I feel less moved than before to spend the time writing about it.

And, in general, while I still want to write here, I’m feeling less moved to do it every day, seven days a week, 365-ish days a year.

I’ll announce, then, officially, that every day is no longer the goal. I’ll still post on most days, I think, but my stated goal will go down to, say, three times a week. I’m sure I’ll exceed that goal most of the time. But if you visit and don’t see anything for a day or two, don’t be concerned: there’ll probably be something here on the day after. And if you’re using the RSS/Atom feed to follow what’s here, you probably won’t even notice.

Again, thanks to all of you for reading and commenting, and I hope you’ll continue.


Brent said...

Congratulations on your 5th anniversary! 3-days per week is fine with me :-)

The Ridger, FCD said...


And yes, every day is hard.

Katharine said...

Parabéns, Barry!