Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Exercise while you work

Barry working at the treadmillI just got something new: a laptop desk that attaches to a treadmill. I tried it out yesterday, and it works great. It’s a little hard to type while I’m using it, but it works OK if I slow the treadmill down a bit. When I’m just reading, I can push it up to quite a brisk walking pace.

I gave it a go for an hour yesterday morning, and another hour yesterday afternoon, and I like it a lot. It’s a great way to avoid sitting in one place all day while I work. I may try some speech-recognition software as an alternative to typing, which, if it works well, might let me spend more time on it.

The treadmill might be a little noisy to use during conference calls, but those seem ideal times to get an extended period of walking in. I’ll have to try it, and see how that goes.

So far, with limited use, I can say that I really recommend it for anyone who works from home and sits at a desk all day!


Frisky070802 said...

My officemate has had this setup for about a year and loves it.

Dadinck said...

Nice setup. A couple tips that I thought up:

-- You can get a stationary bike (magnetic resistance and stationary handlebars) for when you need quiet exercise.
-- You can mount two USB / bluetooth keyboards on the left and right hand rails to type better.

I, too, work while I exercise. It is a good idea. I am more alert when I am active. I wish I could work while I commute (driving a car), but that would be dangerous. If I have to read something for work, I will sometimes export it to my Kindle and let the Kindle "text to speech" read it to me while I am driving.