Tuesday, July 12, 2011


A Trick of the Gmail?

When you’re looking at Gmail’s conversation list, it likes to show you just the first names of some of the people involved in the conversation — usually the first and last interlocutors, but sometimes others, depending upon repetitions and whatnot. It can be a bit odd sometimes. When I’m having a conversation that involves someone else called Barry, it can look like I’m talking to myself. And it’s often the case that there’s one particular Murray or Dave or Jim with whom I usually talk, but a message from a different person of the same name will throw me off.

But sometimes, the juxtapositions are just a bit amusing:

I guess it’s just that I’ve been a Genesis fan since way back.


Sarah said...

Haha, nice one!

Nathaniel Borenstein said...

Shortening algorithms are notoriously tricky. Back in 1987, a shortening algorithm we created for the one-line message summaries in the Andrew Message System shortened




The recipient was one of my partners in building the system, and he initially assumed this was a practical joke we were playing on him.