Sunday, April 30, 2006



Gloria and Barry, circa 1962Gloria would be 80 years old today, had she not died 40 years ago. She used to take me to the park, and to the beach. She took care of me when I was sick, consoled me when I was sad, and rejoiced with me when I was happy. She pushed me to excel, to be the best I can and to always strive for more. She gave birth to me, though I don't remember that part: Gloria was my mother.

Since 1969, when my father remarried, Sue has been "Mom", and she is so to me in every sense. Today, though, is a day to honour Gloria, who got me started, and who saw me through the first years of my life, wanting nothing more than that I be a whole, happy person, able to take full advantage of all life has to offer.

Forty years gone, she's still here, inside me, in my heart and soul — where all those who've died before stay. In our hearts, never forgotten, never really gone.

Happy birthday, Gloria.

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