Thursday, May 11, 2006


A Bush in the hand and another in the bush

The news has been uninteresting lately. That's not to say that there hasn't been any news, but that it's a lot more of the same, and little that I've felt moved to comment on. And so excuse the lameness of this one, but I just found it sufficiently amusing....

It seems that King George and his dad are plumping for a presidential run for Prince Jeb, despite the fact that the First Brother, currently the governor of Florida and on his last term (darn those term limits!), says (ha-ha-ha) that he doesn't want to run. I especially like this quote, from Papa George:

"This guy's smart, big and strong. Makes the decisions," the first President Bush said then.

Probably the most troubling thing about this "news" item is that the "news" media are all running with it, as though it were actual news. I even heard about it from a friend in Germany (who thinks it's a horrific idea). If one ever needed proof that the media have turned into propaganda machines for the Bush regime, here 'tis.

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