Saturday, October 28, 2006


Hike of the week: Brin's Mesa, Sedona, AZ

Having just spent a few days in Sedona (see the set of four posted photos, and click each to enlarge it), I thought I'd write up one of the hikes. It was hard to choose between Brin's Mesa and Devil's Bridge, but in the end I decided that the former was my favourite. The page above calls the Brin's Mesa trail "easy", but the main page says it's "moderate", as does this description, and I agree.

Brin's wins because of the panoramic views, which are truly stunning. When we reached the top — which did seem like more than a 600-foot rise from the bottom (I was sure it was more like 1000 feet) — we ran into a group that was about to head down. They suggested we make our way through a burned-out area of scrub, which led to a spot with better views than at the top of the Brin's Mesa trail. "When you get there," one said, "you'll see a rock bridge you can cross for the best view. Don't fall to your left, and don't fall to your right." We didn't — the path wasn't really that narrow — and the view was worth it (I've pasted together a panorama below, which represents maybe 300°, 5/6 of the full circle; click to enlarge it).

It's exhilarating to be up there on top of the world. It was hard to decide that it was time to come down.

Brin's Mesa panorama

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