Saturday, October 28, 2006


A lying Dick

It continues to amaze me that our top government officials — the Prez, the Veep, the Cabinet — continue to spew obvious, blatant, bald-faced lies, and that the press continues to let them get away with it. Most recently, a talk-radio host asked our Dick of a Vice President whether "a dunk in the water" is OK for interrogating terrorism suspects, whether it's "a no-brainer". The Dick said yes, it certainly was.

Now Dick Cheney, parroted by Tony Snow, claims that he wasn't referring to "waterboarding". As spokesman Snow-job put it:

I’m telling you what the vice president’s view is, which is it wasn’t about waterboarding. Period.

Sure, he was talking about having all the prisoners out for a nice afternoon swim. Or maybe a dip in the Jacuzzi, you know, relax them a bit. Add a glass of a nice California zinfandel and they'll loosen right up. Perhaps he meant that we should baptize them — if we make 'em Christians, they'll cooperate, yes?

The Vice Prevaricator is most certainly talking about waterboarding, and is most certainly advocating torture, or anything else that he thinks will make things go his way. These people's "morals" are restricted to the bedroom, and anything goes for them out in the world. But we know that, and the media have to call them on it, and not let them get away with lying about it.

And Congress has to impeach them for it.

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