Thursday, November 30, 2006


A great idea for March!

The 25th of March is Elton John's birthday, and I have an idea:

Starting from the first of March — a week or two earlier for those who want to get an earlier start to it — we should play Elton John songs, and only Elton John songs everywhere until March 25th. That would be so great because:

  • Every radio station would play all Sir Elton, all the time.
  • Every television station would air at least two or three Elton John specials each week.
  • Every store would pipe Elton John music in while you're shopping, through the whole month of March. Non-stop!
  • The town would play Elton's songs on Main Street.
  • Kids would sing his songs in school all month.
  • People would go door to door singing Elton John songs a cappella and collecting money for AIDS research.
  • Every recording artist in the world, from Justin Timberlake to Ozzy Osbourne to Placido Domingo would release collections of Elton John covers every year around the end of February. There'd be instrumental versions, too.

I don't know, maybe by the time you've heard "Candle in the Wind" for the 47th time in a single week you'd get a little tired of it, but I think when that happens you'd just have to get into the spirit of it, and not be such a Scrooge, you know? Elton John's birthday comes only once a year, after all.

Of course, once the day has passed there'd be no point in playing Elton's songs any more until the next year when the first of March approaches. No, we'd listen to Elton, and nothing but Elton, for four or five weeks, and then not at all for the rest of the year.

Is this a wonderful idea, or what? Oh, man, I am so stoked by this! Holy Moses! I can't wait for March!

...Someone saved, someone saved, someone saved my life tonight, la-la-la-la...


Ray said...

Let's call it Johnmas! And we could wish each other Happy Eltondays, and have a big sale of all the leftover Elton John goodies the week after Johnmas.

I think you're on to something... Hallmark will love you.

Maggie said...

LOL... that's great!

But instead of using Elton John's *actual* birthday, let's pick some day when people are celebrating something else, and tell them they're celebrating Elton John's birthday from now on. And then ban all of the things they used to do. And then later complain about the "secularization" of Elton John's birthday when that stuff creeps back in.

The Ridger, FCD said...

Freakin' brilliant! I love it!