Friday, December 01, 2006



OK, Clarabelle, ple-he-HEASE don't tell me you're reading this blog today, 'cause... here's the thing: you know what today is, and it's not going to be pretty no matter how you look at it; now, I know you can laugh it off and say [exaggeratedly whiny voice] "Ohhh, he doesn't mean it," but listen, Sugar Doughnut, he means every word of it, yes he does, and before you go crying your red little eyes out, boo-hoo-HOO [rubs eyes in an exaggerated gesture] — and now listen up on this one — the next three words out of that mouth of yours had better be "See ya tomorrow," or I'll stuff your foot into it clean up to the ankle and you'll look awfully funny hopping around on one foot the rest of the day and trying to talk with your mouth full. Got it, Twinkle Toes?

No-no... So do not want to hear it. Not hear, not hear, not hear, not hear [fades out down the hallway and out of earshot] ...