Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Voyeurism is bad for your computer

It's certainly well known that porn sites are good places to get your computer infected with the latest (or not so latest) evil software, turning your computer into a “zombie” that will do the bidding of the bad guys. If you want to review my series about Internet zombies (also called “botnets”), go here and here and here.

But it's not just a randy desire to look at naughty pictures that can do you in. Our friends at the Finnish computer security company F-Secure warn us of malware masquerading as Saddam execution videos:

In a non-surprising move, malware writers are trying to exploit the publicity around the hanging of Saddam Hussein to their own advantage. So far we've seen three different examples of malware using Saddam-related themes.

These are now detected as W32/Banload.BSW, W32/Banload.BSX and Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Delf.acc.

Two of these try to disguise their actions by opening up a YouTube page with the Portuguese search keyword "enforcado" (execution).

In other words: In the old days, while you watched the street show the pickpocket got your wallet. In the new days, while you watch the video they get your computer.

Resist the temptation to luridness.

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