Saturday, January 17, 2009


Spam prose and poetry

I always like it when spam arrives in a batch that sort of goes together in some linguistic or “literary” way. Sometimes it’s a batch of similar nonsense that makes a kind of haiku-like thing. Sometimes it’s... well, see for yourself. Here’s a set of three that arrived recently, at about the same time, apparently from the same spam run (the content was the same in all three, urging me to purchase some Viagra-like philtre). These are the subject lines — reordered by my own artistic license, but the words are all the spammer’s:

Put your doughnut in her oven
Postpone your love bomb’s explode
She’ll reward you so much


Michelle said...

It's beautiful. *sheds tear*

Laurie said...

I shed a tear, too. Mainly because I snorted tea out through my nose. Thanks a lot!

lidija said...

You actually read your spam subject lines?

Barry Leiba said...

Lidija: Not usually with any thought, no... but I do scan them to make sure it doesn't look like there're any false positives in there. And the "doughnut" one was bizarre enough to catch my eye and lead me to the others.