Monday, January 26, 2009


Where's the intelligence?

Over on Greta Christina’s Blog, GC has a nice piece about how it’s quite a stretch to think we were “intelligently designed”, when you consider some of the real failings of that design. The post, featured on this week’s Carnival of the Godless #109, was inspired by her reading of the book Kluge: The Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind.

GC’s analysis reminds me of my own statement about the three top things that demonstrate to me that there’s been no “intelligent design”. To wit:

  1. Mosquitos. No intelligence, and certainly not one who loved humans, would design them.
  2. PMS. Roughly half the adult population feels like crap once a month. This is designed intelligently?
  3. We only have two arms/hands. I think about this whenever I have a plate of food in one hand and a drink in the other, and I can’t eat the food without finding a place to put the drink down. An intelligent designer would have given us at least four hands.


Ray said...

For your #3, let Crate and Barrel be your Intelligent Designer:

Barry Leiba said...

Yes, I've seen those. Very cool. Doesn't help much for beer, alas, but if one sticks with wine one can manage.

Laurie said...

I bet I can fit one of my martini glasses in there!

As for the #1 & 2 - Mosquitos were made by the devil and PMS is gods punishment for eating an apple!

Would I make a good fundy? Oh, wait. That would be: moskeetoes were made by teh DEVIL AND pms is GOD'S punishmnet for ORIGINTAL SIN!!! You and your elk disgust me. Better? I actually got that last line from a commenter on another blog.

My husband says a prehensile tail would be nice, too. Yes, he is a bit odd.