Sunday, July 26, 2009


Reality, versus...

Remember the marquee-style sign on the church that I used to pass on the way to the office, back when I had an office to go to? Well, I still pass it often — not every day, but at least once a week — so I still see the sign. And this week, the sign says...


I found that interesting. They have actually acknowledged that there’s a distinction between “God-reality” and, you know, reality. There seems to be some progress there, I think.

Of course, they’re still promoting the alternative-universe God-reality over the real thing. Forget about reality, they urge, and come with us to... something else. Something comforting, but unreal.

I’m reminded, here, of Piers Anthony’s[1] “Apprentice Adept” series. The series involves parallel worlds, Proton and Phaze, situated in alternative universes and connected through a “curtain” through which only certain people can pass. On Proton, scientific rules apply, and magic doesn’t work. On Phaze, it’s all magic. In keeping with the religious message above, Phaze is a beautiful planet of sun and gardens and fields, while Proton is a dull place. Of course, anyone with a choice would want to be on Phaze.

Earth, though, wasn’t written by Piers Anthony. I’ll stick with reality, thank you. Real reality.

[1] Yes, yes, Piers Anthony, I know; leave it off.


Laurie said...

Whenever I hear the phrase, "out of phase," I always think, "And into Proton."

Ray said...

Not quite on-topic, well, not at all on-topic, really, but this morning, on my way to play badminton, I passed the Poughkeepsie Civic Center, on whose billboard was proudly advertised this pending event: "Disney's SM".

I had to smile.