Friday, December 18, 2009


Preparing for Christmas avec Acadie Man

Still shot from Acadie Man videoAs we approach the shortest daylight-period of the year, we, many of us, prepare to celebrate Midwinter, Yule, Winter Solstice, or... Christmas, a week from today — yes, even some of us who do not celebrate Christ do follow the secular festivities. We’ll enjoy indoor trees, lights and doo-dads, cookies, cakes, and “stocking stuffers”. We’ll listen to seasonal music (whether we want to or not), and we’ll read A Christmas Carol and A Child’s Christmas in Wales. In the northern part of the northern hemisphere, some will hope for a “white Christmas”. (What do my friends at the other end of the world hope for? A sunny beach day, perhaps?)

As you all make preparations, I think you need to take some advice from the very northern reaches of the northern hemisphere, from a strange part of the world once called Acadia, and now known as “The Maritimes”. Thence, in Acadie Man vs Noël, Acadie Man (the first Acadian superhero) gives us tips for how to survive the holidays — in a fractured, hilarious “Franglish”.

The accent is thick, and the switching back and forth between French and English can be a challenge, but give it a go. I probably only understand 30% or so of what he’s saying, but that’s enough to make it a real hoot.

Ceci n’est pas un Fruitcake

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Michelle said...

Commenting late here as those very around solstice festivities are over with.. (except for NYE which isn't really in this bunch) but I just wanted to pipe in as someone from "the other side of the world".. I've been in the north for some years now, but I grew up in Australia, and as far as I remember we generally wished for a nice, not rainy day. In later years our family would spend xmas day at the beach, (not as typical as people claim, we were only one of the few groups there any given year) but most people would probably like to spend a lot of it outside in the garden or whatnot. That's all.