Saturday, May 22, 2010


An unbelievable deal!

Sale price for almond milkI took the photo on the right (click to enlarge) with my BlackBerry’s camera (so please forgive its being somewhat blurry) at the local Whole Foods store. It depicts an incredibly good[1] sale price on some one-quart packages of almond milk:

Sale!   3 for $6.00
Regularly   $1.99 [each]

The unit pricing helpfully tells us that 3 one-quart boxes for 6 dollars makes it $2.00 per quart. We don’t need the unit pricing to compute that the regular, non-“Sale!” price comes to $1.99 per quart.

One wonders whether it’s possible to decline the sale price at the register.

[1] Yes, that’s “unbelievable” as in not believable, and “incredible” as in not credible.


Katie said...

Ha, ha ha. Fail. Truly unbelievable.

HRH said...

I am not getting this incredible or unbelievable sales strategy, perhaps because it’s 2:00 AM and my brain is exhausted, hmmm…regularly goes for $1.99 and 3 for $6 on Sale?? Where is the incentive? I MUST read this blog again in the morning.

Barry Leiba said...

No, you're not missing anything. It's doo-doo.

Andrew Yourtchenko said...

If they measure the impact it would be a very useful experiment to make.

How many people do look at the price when there is already "SALE!" written on the box.

But I suppose the US law has something to say on this matter as well ?