Monday, August 16, 2010


Blogging songs?

On the radio program Soundcheck today, they had singer/songwriter Jonathan Mann as a guest. Mr Mann started writing a new song every day on the first of 2009, and he’s continued it since — he performs each song, and posts a video of it to YouTube. (His web site is here, and his song-a-day project is here.)

This reminds me of my blogging goal of writing a post in these pages every day. In a number of ways, it’s similar, though Mr Mann not only writes, but also performs and makes the video. He, too, watches the news of the day, and often takes his material from news items (he recently did one on flight attendant Steven Slater, as did I; his is not safe for work). I’d say he’s more entertaining than I am: you do not want to hear me sing.

I like his approach, and I’ll be interested to see how long he wants to keep up the one-a-day pace.

His song for yesterday, day 591, is about the Tea Party nuts. You should definitely go have a listen to that one. Here’s the chorus:

And the hate builds up
And Glenn Beck cries
Ann Coulter rants and raves
And O’Reilly screams

You ain’t never gonna reason with these folks
They think that Obama was born in Kenya
Ain’t never gonna reason with these folks
They think Sarah Palin would make a great president
Ain’t never gonna reason with ’em

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