Sunday, August 22, 2010


Sunday God thoughts

The local church with the marquee-style sign has another new one:


Hm. So God doesn’t leave anything alone. God’s a micromanager, but worse than that, an annoyance, a nuisance. Just when God’s comfort helps you out of the hole you were in, just when you get to a good place... he kicks into disturbance mode and spins you around again.

Is it a wonder that we have schizophrenics, given that?


Michelle said...

It sounds like a racket. He comforts you just so he can use the excuse to screw with you again.. because you're oh so comfortable, which is unacceptable for some strange reason, particularly strange for an all knowing, all loving creator of the universe, but I guess they're counting on no one asking any questions about it.. they've got that handy "mysterious ways" loophole for that one.

HRH said...

I guess, if anyone of us was around since the beginning of time, sitting on our tale without a day time job, we too, would behave in such dysfunctional manners:-)