Sunday, September 26, 2010


Hike of the week: Michael Ciaiola Conservation Area

Michael Ciaiola Conservation AreaI went to the Michael Ciaiola Conservation Area, in Patterson, NY, a year and ten days ago, and posted mushroom photos from the hike. Hoping to repeat the mushroom bounty (in photos, not picking) this year, I went again at about the same time.

It’s too bad, though: for whatever reason, whether it be the temperatures during the summer or now, the rainfall, or something else, there were essentially no mushrooms at all there this time. The water level in the stream was also low, and there was no waterfall where the waterfall usually is. I did find a very few mushrooms, and I took pictures of them, but it was just an isolated mushroom here, and another there.

Instead, then, I’ll include a photo from one of the viewpoints, looking down the CT/NY border (CT is left in the photo, and NY is right). Click the photo (and the one in the upper right, of the entrance to the trail) to enlarge.

View from the viewpoint

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Ray said...

Yes, this has been a bad year for mushrooms (it has been far too dry for most of them to fruit). I still have your photo from last year stashed away, and one of these days I will (may) get round to listing its contents.