Sunday, September 10, 2006


If I can't dance, I don't want to be in your revolution

A Thursday night contradance at the VFW in Cambridge, Massachusetts.What a good dance! I went to the Greenwich (Connecticut) contradance last night, and had such a great time there. See this post for my earlier comments on dancing. Yesterday was such a fine day, and a great contra was such a fine way to end it. (The image to the right is from Wikipedia, from a different dance; click to enlarge.)

Kathryn Wedderburn called the dance, and the band was Jane's Gang — they always do a wonderful job. The dances kept us all moving, the band kept us all smiling, and the beginners in attendance picked it up well and were also having a good time (there are always beginners at contradances, and many dances have brief "getting started" sessions a half hour before the dance starts). I had an evening full of delightful dance partners — I thank them all, though I doubt they're reading this.

I commented to one of my dance partners that no matter what my mood is during the day, when I go to a contra and start dancing, I feel upbeat and good.

I'm not sure why I never looked it up on Wikipedia before, but it turns out that Wikipedia has a good item on contradance. Have a read. Find a dance in your area. Give it a try!

This post's title comes from a contradance t-shirt that used to be around, back in the days of the Nicaraguan contras.


Country Mouse said...

Greetings from a fellow contra dancer in blog-land. I had to laugh at this post title because a surprising number of my non dancing friends think my weekend activities have something to do with revolutionary activities but they can't quite figure it out because I'm such a peacenik.
Have fun, keep dancing

Barry Leiba said...

Thanks for the comment, Country Mouse. I'd like to comment back, but your blog has neither contact info nor comments enabled. Oh, well. You, too, have fun and keep dancing.