Saturday, July 17, 2010


Seattle vs New York, the return trip

There’s another way in which Seattle differs from New York, and it strongly favours the former city: its airport is better, and for several reasons.

  1. Sea-Tac is much less crowded than Newark, JFK, and LaGuardia Airports. When I got to Sea-Tac at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday to come home, I went from the curb to my gate in about three minutes, zipping straight through security — there was no one in the security queue to slow me down.
  2. Sea-Tac has much better restaurants than any of the New York City airports. I stopped for a bit of fish at Anthony’s, expecting a meal that was overpriced and no better than adequate. But the food was great, and not airport-expensive at all. For what I would have paid for a hot dog at Newark, I got a very good bread-bowl of clam chowder and an excellent Caesar salad.
  3. Sea-Tac has free Wi-Fi, and it’s fast and works well. The New York City area airports all charge for the use of their wireless network. Feh!
  4. Sea-Tac has a view of Mount Ranier.

Seattle wins on all counts here.


WM Irwin said...

Just looking at the menu for Anthony's makes me salivate. Suddenly I feel so deprived down here in Gainesville...

HRH said...

In addition to the positive remarks made about Seattle thus far, it also has an amazing nature and aesthetics. One of my favorite spot to visit, when in Seattle, is the downtown’s farmers market.

The Ridger, FCD said...

Of course that view of Mt Ranier will quickly become a huge negative if the mountain should wake up...

I just took nearly an hour to get from the door to my gate in Minneapolis yesterday. (And yes, I had checked in on-line but I had a bag to get a tag for and drop off... That line was as bad as the check-in line. And the security line - with one lane open) was the worst for time I've ever seen.)